Wednesday, October 07, 2009

He used to be my best friend.

Actually he is my hubby bestfriend. 1st time introduced to him by my hubby I don't speak much. I just a well-behaved woman. Polite and soft-spoken so called. But 2nd time met him ( we fetched him at Jimah Damansara Office) I was with a woman sitting at the back. That time I was no more well-behaved. We sang with loud voice and non-stop like hell and I make nonsence jokes. Really happy that time until I think that he think we are insane~!

Knowing him more and more, make me realized the special criteria of him. Even from a wealthy family, he's so humble and down to earth..... and furthermore he was having serious inferiority complex. I felt like I should take the responsibility to gain his confidence. I used to tell him that, "find a girlfriend... and you will find your confidence." He replied, "Sorry, tolong sket." and we argued bout that in an informal way. Day by day.... we spent the nights together, "mapleying" (term of having teh tarik at mamak), he made himself being a part of us. Just like my siblings.... and no one has right to talk bad thing about him. No One!!!

People who know me, they know that they shouldn't talk bad things about my bestfriends. They know I will getting mad and will declare "war" when you hurt one of my bestfriends. You hurt one of my bestfriends means you hurt me! Day by day also I realized that the girl who was always spent time with me had a feeling towards my bestfriend. (I used to read her feelings by her behaviour. We used to communicate each other by just enterpret the reaction on our face, body language and voice's tone). However, when you aware the consequences of the thing you'll do but u still do it maybe because of 3 reasons. 1st, because you confident that you able to overcome the consequences, 2nd you ready to faced the risk and the fate, 3rd you don't bother about that because u just want to see him happy. Personally, I think my answer is the 3rd. That's is why I told him to open his heart and throw away his ego. I guide him to express his feeling towards the girl... and he did succesfully.

I was the happiest woman in the earth I think when he officially declared with the girl. I was so over-excited until I can't sleep that night. I just smile and keep hanging on the phone on the next day. Knowing the woman he loved was an advantage for me to guide him what she likes and dislikes, what he should does and doesn't. But... As what I think it will happen, it happened. Dark cloud was coming and covered our friendship sky..... and now we are apart.

Maybe to tend over her gf's heart we no more talk to each other. He's a very gentleman to take care of his gf's heart. Really hope my hubby will do the same way too, but hubby personally think that the friendship is something that shouldn't affected by the silly personal matter. Lastly I heard that he will take a next step on his relationship. He didn't tell me even we having a conversation (which I think so much different than before) on the last time we met. I cried.... not because of disappointed or regret, but because I'm so happy for him. Just because I made the right choice. I choose the 3rd.

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