Monday, September 07, 2009

Night at Bintang Walk - 2nd Day.

At first everything followed as what planned accordingly. Went to Lot 10, ada chocolate fair.. wow.. (today plan to go again cos yesterday missed out a few items). Lepas Lot 10, directly went to MATTA fair at PWTC. Crowded, they did provide masks to all visitors but wear or not. none of their business. Seems like the offer is not as good as what they offered last time... but don't worry bcos we plan to catch March 2010 MATTA. But yet, still have fun there - even unable to fulfill our main target.
Me and Snow Man and Ninja... hahahaha... that Ninja is my sis.. she had eye irritation (conjunctivitis) and follow the rule - wear mask in crowded area.

Dari PWTC directly went to Jalan TAR However............ the traffic congestion was damn bad. Jalan depan Pertama Complex (dunno what the jalan's name) was closed. Car was not moving. I was so damn moody.... and yet we decided to just went back to hotel. Shopping di Pavilion je sudah...

Penat tul tawaf Pavilion. Cukup 7 round.. complete tawaf perabih duit. From Pavilion to Starhill Gallery.... but actually the main thing nak cari Secret Recipe.. nak beli kek untuk Hafiz. Cos his bday is today (6th Sept). Pusing2 pun tak jumpa secret recipe. Plan to buy Ipanema Cake at Starbuck malangnya tak ada whole cake. Went to Baskin Robbin, our favourite walnut ice-cream cake out of order. Then went to Coffee Bean... also takde whole cake. Lastly we decided to buy slices cakes di Coffee Bean... (cheese cake, royal chocolate, chocolate fudge and tiramisu). Luckily we not buy the whole cake... sbb yg ada pun dipandang sebelah mata je.

Siapa punya birthday sebenarnya ni? Pak ucu ke aliyah?

I think this young man yang paling kenyang, tgk cara dia bersandar sambil korek gigi lepas minum susu..

Lepas berbuka.. masing2 tersandar kekenyangan. Plan want to go to Jalan TAR again cos Andy belum ada baju raya. 9.30pm baru bertolak ke jalan TAR... and yes, it's Andy's night bcos he's the only one shopping and the rest just 'cuci mata'. But for me.... I feel like my raya preparation is really complete. That's why I don't care about baju raya, kasut raya... ahh... forget about all that stuffs because I just get my biggest dream item. Wont care about others anymore... I just feel like wanna smile and smile... heart is just so flowery... BECAUSE................ BECAUSE.... I bought an LV handbag. Thank you so muchhhhhhhhh to my dad because being a major sponsorship (it's mean I do spent also, ok.. but only minor %) for that LV. Hari Raya gift he said since his business is doing well... (nk tgk ke handbag nyer? tunggu gambar hari raya okey!)

p/s: I'm typing this at 6.00 am after having sahur. Nasi kandar yang di tapau di Jalan Doraisamy... sedapnya... tapi kempunan sikit sebab when we reach at Insaf Restaurant that night it already closed... but who cares??? .. I got my LV. Today will check-out at 12 but still planning with my sis to last minute shopping at Lot 10.

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