Monday, July 20, 2009

Bon Odori Festival 2009

Here come again Bon Odori... and for me this is my 2nd time celebrating this event with my beloved bosses and company... and this year i bring them too...and again Anne, ejad, andy... and welcome to Bakh, Zaza (ejad's lovely gf), Zul and Nik... They seem having a lot of fun especially Zul - dancing and singing japanese... hahaha.. awesome!
Bakh seem like so tension.. bcos of hot wheather or missing Anne?
Front from left: Zaza, Ejad (forever rawks!), Nik and woman in black shirt with marvellous butt! Wallaaaaaaaa~!!
Even the wheater quite hot but it seem like we were so cool and imune with that. hahaha...
"Yoyo Balloon RM2, Peacock Balloon RM5, Flying Balloon RM12!!!"
My Deputy MD, Mr Ito having fun playing his company manufacturing product. hahahaha...
Having a good business!! Adore this family so much. A malay family with their 2 daughters wearing kimono. Wonder, how does this malay family growing up their children by introduce, celebrating and respect Japanese traditional culture. I'm touched!
Even Malay dance also was performed in this ceremony.The only stall with gate around. Without that gate I'm sure people can come inside just to get the balloon. Picture taken before the main gate open. The real situation after the gate open, u can't even see me or one of us... Really crowded and hectic!
Japanese girls
Malay girls with Japanese costumes. So cute~!
A Japanese girl?? Same like last year, she doesn't want to miss this event. My Aliyah Umairah. One day I'll buy her kimono and we'll wear it together in Bon Odori Festival.
The real scene. The stadium full with more than 30,000 people. Not even Japanese celebrating Bon Odori - in Malaysia every races celebrating it without care who are u, where u from, what color of ur skin - here we all holding hands - dancing and having fun together.

And last but not least... my company as usual... closing our stall the earliest due to all our balloons sold out. Even the most expensive balloon sold out before the sun set. 1500pcs yoyo balloon (the one that aliyah holding) completely sold by 9.20pm and make us return home "lenggang kangkong" with three pouch bags filled with cash!!! Again... break the last year record!! Wallaaaaaaaa!!!!

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