Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ISO 9001:2008 Training

24th March 2009 – I was sent for a training program called ISO 9001:2008. It held at Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang Jaya. This training is a compulsory training for ISO certified company which has to conduct annually in order to pass ISO audit.

But for me, it’s not only an advantage to be exposed on ISO certification procedure but the most important things are – I don’t have to come to work, a free 1 day from all migrain’s work tasks- deal with employees and reports and also I’ve been served with delicious foods from morning till evening. That are the great great things for attending any seminar or training.
En Bakti, My Officemate - control macho

Sebahagian dari training participants

Girls sempat bergambar depan swimming pool

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