Sunday, March 08, 2009

Happy Women's Day

1st of all Happy Women's Day to all independent/ career/ money maker/ moms/ wives and all women in the whole world. If you find your life are stable and secured, today you should congratulate yourselves by pampering and do something that make yourselves happy. For those feel upset, disappointed and sad; my advice is turn on and listen to the one of these song Independent or Survivor by Destiny's Child, So What by Pink or Melawan Kesepian by Siti Nurhaliza. Trust me, It work, cos it worked on me~! This morning I bought myself Sarawak Kek Lapis at Pasar Tani. Dah lama sangat mengidam. Even though quite expensive (RM15 for small size), tp takpe la... cukuplah untuk aku seorang. 1st step in pampering myself. Lepas tu we went to the summit to watch movie. We here refer to me, Andy and Bakh. Before that we had lunch at Chicken Hartz which serve variety of foods in buffet style. Eat as much as you can. While having buffet at Chicken Hartz kami ketawa terbahak-bahak bila tgk muka Bakh dengan Andy macam nak pengsan dengan perut yang tegang mcm nak meletup. Hahahaha...

Bakh betul2 manfaatkan ayat kat papan tanda belakang. Kesemua 22 menu dibedalnya.

Lepas tu tgk movie Watchmen. My Godness, I'm totally regret to watch this. Took 2 hours plus with very slow story telling and less action more talk - with back pain due to uncomfort seat - gosh - it's like the longest 2 hours in my life. Last skali kami kuar dari cinema sambil merungut2 dan rasa nak minta refund RM10 (mahal gilerk) bagi cerita yang kami tertanya2 motifnya. Aduhai... rasa nak bagi 1 bintang pun kedekut.

After that from Summit we went straight to Mydin USJ - ada Candy Carnival tp we don't buy any piece of candy pun. Kebetulan ada mini zoo kat situ, kami pun singgah and take a look. Aku ngan bakh mengambil kesempatan bergambar dengan 3 ekor burung kakaktua yang cantik dan naughty cos dia asyik gigit tali handbag aku. Lepas tu aku berkesempatan memegang, memeluk dan mencium seekor ular sawa albino - sayangnya aku tak dapat bergambar dengan ular sawa tu bersama2 cos they do not allow me to do so.

Inilah ular sawa Albino - so adorable~!

Malamnya aku ke Crsytal Crown Hotel with Andy, Ayah, Aliyah and Apis for our neighbour's daughter wedding. What a pack day of Women's Day I had today. Even though now i feel so tired and exhausted - but I'm really happy and satisfied! Again... Happy Women's Day to all women - may this year make us stronger and better.

Aliyah in the wedding ceremony - Crystal Crown Hotel

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