Sunday, November 02, 2008

ChengHo (Amy Search) Restaurant

We went to PWTC to take a look at the Small Medium Entrepreneur Exhibition and Property-Home Exhibition, kinda good events but only participated by the small members. Then we went to Low Yat - after that pusing2 look for place to have dinner. Suddenly we made decision to go restoran idaman Anne yang nak pergi sangat dari dulu. Restoran ChengHo.. owned by Amy Search. Mula2 datang... fully occupied. Have to register name dekat buku dulu... tunggu la smpi dowang panggil nama kitorg.. Luckily bcos of only 4 us, nama En Baktiar telah dilaungkan after only 5-7 minutes later. Yahoooo.... dapat gak makan kat ChengHo... Next Time will be my dream restaurant... Victoria Station... Bile la agaknye...

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