Thursday, February 28, 2008

Question To Test Your Heart.

Test Your Heart with These Simple Questions.

1- How do you define beauty?
Depend on the eye of the beholder. But the most important thing beauty must plus with brain. Beauty w/o brain, we called Bimbo!

2- Sex Before Marriage?
Huhu.. I WAS virginism (some sort of feminism but more hard core) b4 married. Hahahaha. But it WAS…..

3- Ever Fall in Love?
Once upon a time. Still suffering from it’s aura. Hehehe..

4- Who do u prefer? White Man? Black Man? Sawo Matang Man? (aku tambah)

5- How do you define marriage life?
Gulp~!! Scary! Hahaha.. takde ar. Marriage life is sweet but not as sweet as u imagine in your dream. There’s a lot of challenges that u have to face.

6- The biggest thing you ever regret in your life?
Regret? Am I?

7- The happiest moment that you still remember every minutes of your life?
Let it be a secret between both of us…..

8- If you can turn back time. What would you do to change your destiny?
Just turn back the time for me and you’ll know what I’ll do….

9- Which one do you prefer?
Romantic Candlelight dinner? Watching Romantic movie together? Or Traveling / Jungle Tracking together?
As long as with him…

10- Found Lamp of Genie, only one wish will be granted. Your wish?
Please add 10 more wishes to be granted. hehehe

Girls, copy and answer all these questions. Then post to your bulletin board. Let boys out there know you better. Good Luck!

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