Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine Day 2008

Just a normal day..
working in my office
Very peaceful morning..
Everything is like usual.. normal..
nothing weird.. until..... I received a call
asked me to collect something....
and here it is... I'm so shocked with this surprise until I didn't realize there were tears in my eyes. Hubby, Thank you so much...

Especially dedicated to Siti Nordiana Bt Nordin
You're my one and only, sweet love of my life. I'm grateful and proud to have you as my wife. You are mine alone, we belong together. Our love can master, any kind of weathers. Send you all my love, with those words of mine. You will be mine forever, till the end of time. Your Hubby, Noor Affandy Ishak

Now we will go for dinner. Special place that he said to be another surprise for me. Even w/o dinner, I guess this is the best valentine I ever had.
Got nothing much to say, speechless and so touching..
Just wanna say...
Hubby, all these time, I tried to figure out your weaknesses more and more.. but all I only see and realize is... how special you are....
Happy Valentine Day..

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