Saturday, January 26, 2008

Who Am I?


Love To b CalleD As : Andy

HobBies: FiShiNG, TraVeLLing, MapLeyIng (lepak kedai mamak. haha) PlaYing BoWLing, Snooker & Golf

My Fav. FootBall Club : Liverpool & Chelsea

My Fav. TV Series: CSI, MytH BusTer, AmerIcan Chopper.

My Fav. CoLor: White & BluE

My Fav. BranD: AdiDas, LeVis, PDi Authenthic and Dr. Cardin

My Fav. CharacTer: Bumble Bee (TransFormers)

My Fav. Perfume: Of A Man & DKNY

My GooD ChARacTer: Helpful, Loving and LoYaL.

My Bad ChARACter: Emotional. Tu jela.

FrequeNt StatemenT Ever Heard From Others AboUT Me: "Andy, ko ni makin lama makin hensem la" hahaha

FrequEnt Question Ever aSKed From Others To mE: "Andy, kenapa komputer aku tak leh receive/sent e-mel?"

What Do I ThinK oF mY Wife: coMeLL, tEKi SKett.. Lalalala.. Kebobo.. Kemahanggg

Love To b CalleD As : Vic / Diana

HobBies: TravelLing, SwImmiNG, DancING and ReadiNG nOvELLES.

My Fav. CooKies : I'm a cookIe MonsTer!! Famous Amos Choc Chip Pecan & Macadamia (but now I'm addicted to) Mark & Spencer Digestive Biscuits MiLk Chocolate.

My Fav. Beverages: FrappucCino Chocholate - StarBuck, Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended - CoFFee Bean & ChocHolate BLasT - BasKin RobbIN.

My Fav. ChocoLate: PerugInA BaCi (LateLy Very Hard 2 Find)

My Fav. CoLor: Pink, Pink and PinK..

My Fav. Movie: TrOY, 50 1st Date, CiNtA..

My Fav. CharacTer: SpongeBob and Bubble (PowerPuff Girl)

My Fav. Perfume: Ralph Lauren -Ralph (Green)

My GooD ChARacTer: HiGh LeveL OF SensitiVity and HumaNiTY EsP.. tO Cute AnimALs (SnAke Also CutE!). Good ListenER. FrIends Said: Good AdVisor, HumOr & Love 2 Laugh.

My Bad ChARACter: My God.. I need A LonG LisT 4 ThiS..
Quite Hot TempeR, ImPatient (EverYThing MusT B fAST!), LoVe To Spent Money 4 unneCessary ThIngs, I Love AttenTion, Dare 2 B DiffeRent -This One shud consiDer what Type oF diff., Hubby saiD - BaNYak Songeh, ManJa SaNgAT, Malas Masak tp Klu Masak sgt Sedap.

FrequeNt StatemenT Ever Heard From Others AboUT Me:
"Hey, U put On Weight!"

FrequEnt Question Ever aSKed From Others To mE:
Bila Nak Ada baby?
InGIN DijELasKan Di Sini... Ada Baby Ke Tadak baby Ka.. itu tuhan punya kerja..
Klu ada kami terima... Tak Ada.. Alhamdulillah (terbalik ka?)

What Do I ThinK oF mY hUBBy:
VerY pATient (U wud Never Imagine This..), vERy ChOOsY (SusAH Betul pilih baRang dia), KaDang2 KelakAR SanGAt sbb Suka CakaP HenTam KeROmo, KadANg2 TerLeBih ManJa... nAK mAkAN tU La... InI Laa..

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