Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Not Going To Miss You

I'm not going to miss you
Because I already missing you
I'm not going to think about you
Because all these time I am thinking about you
I'm not going to love you
Because my heart is already belong to you.

What creature are you??
Who had conquer my soul
Who always in my mind and my sight
Exist in my day and my dream
Make me drowning with your love
Make me melt with your touch

What power that you have??
Can make me back even I left
Can bring me tears even I smile
I love you like crazy even I say "No"
I missing you like mad and I know that you know
We'll take this risk and the challenge
I will love you forever
Even we can't be together.

(Inspired at 10.00 am - Wednesday 18 Oct 2006)

Copyright Reserved
My Lovely Vic
Illegal Copy "I'll see you in court"

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